Get ready to uplevel your acrylic painting skills in this *intermediate level* painting class that focuses on how to develop a painting.

Painting development is not often shared in online classes. In this class you’ll see a painting developed from scratch. And  watch as a I evaluate my work as I’m painting and correct mistakes.

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  • You will have access to the class videos and lessons for 120 days after you enroll.
  • Supplies are not included with this class. See the supply list below.
  • Watch the videos anywhere you have connection to the internet.
  • The recordings can be paused as often as you need to work at your own pace or to complete the painting over multiple painting sessions.

This class is for painters who:

  • are familiar with acrylic paint

  • want to be comfortable with painting their own ideas, (bye-bye YouTube)

  •  are tired of saying, “I’m stopping here because I’m afraid I’ll wreck it.”

  • know that growth happens when you move out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy painting along with this class for your personal education and enjoyment. 

However: However this work may not be recreated for sale or distribution of any kind.

If you share photos, please tag @maggieruley

The recordings are about 2.5 hours, but typically takes students 3 to 3.5 hours to complete.

You can pause the class and rewind as often as you need to work at your own pace or to complete this painting over multiple paint sessions.

Uplevel Your Painting Skills

Your in the studio with me as I develop a painting. I make mistakes, I correct them and I have fun while I’m doing it. Wouldn’t you like that too?

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome: How to get the most out of the class.

    2. Supplies and materials

    3. Video 1: Get the drawing on your canvas.

    4. Video 2: base layer of paint

    5. Video 3: base layer of paint continues.

    6. Video 4: Shift the colors and start adding some details.

    7. Video 5: Focus on palms and sand.

    8. Video 6: Evaluate and list out the next steps.

    9. Video 7: continue to work on the details list

    10. Video 8: work on the sand and foreground.

    11. Video 9: Bump up the clouds and add the porch.

    12. Video 10: set the picket fence in.

    13. Video 11: Finish fence and final details.

About this course

  • $19.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Supply List

Feel free to use whatever paints and canvas you already have. Here’s what I’m using in the videos.

  • Canvas: 12” x 12”

  • Paint Colors: White, yellow, orange, red, turquoise, blue, green, yellow ochre, terra cotta.

  • Brushes: medium sizes of brights and round and a small round for details.

  • Supplies are discussed in detail in the class.

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About Maggie

Key West studio artist. Maggie Ruley

Maggie Ruley is a studio artist in Key West, Florida. Her studio and gallery, Island Inspirations, is located at 933b Fleming Street. When she’s not painting in the studio, you can find her volunteering with local arts organizations, teaching classes and workshops, or at the beach.